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Bay Area Bioidentical Hormones Specialist Lynne Mielke, M.D. of Pleasanton, California believes in treating the whole person, not just your symptoms. And with her personal experience using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, and the years of seeing how it improved her patients’ lives, she understands how it can best be customized for each person.

Dr. Mielke founded Optimal Health Spectrums in Pleasanton, CA to offer patients a true, well-rounded medical service and medspa practice. Based on sound functional medical research and principals, the goal of Optimal Health Spectrums is to heal your health issues by first listening to you, testing for what is making you sick, and then treating your underlying nutrient and hormone deficiencies, eliminating the toxins and infections that are dragging you down and preventing you from being your best self. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy fits into the practice by offering a natural solution to hormone imbalances that affect men and women as they age.

Why Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical Hormones can become imbalanced in our bodies, and if we are deficient in even one of them, we will not be optimally healthy. If we are deficient in 3-4 hormones, and replace only one to optimal levels, we will still not be optimally healthy. It is important to test for, and treat, all hormone deficiencies in order to feel our best. There are hormone receptors on every major tissue in the body – which speaks to their importance to our health.

Which hormones can help us and may need to be replaced if deficient? Thyroid, Cortisol, Progesterone, Estriol, Estradiol, Estrone, Testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenelone, Human Growth Hormone, and Melatonin. Hormone therapy is important because most hormones decline with age, or surgical intervention, chronic illness or stress decreases production and utilization of hormones, environmental chemicals interfere with hormones, allergies, leaky gut, drugs, excess alcohol, lack of sleep – all affect hormone balance.

A hormone is a natural compound in the body that stimulates a reaction. Hormones regulate our internal body state. They help regulate DNA and RNA production and protein synthesis for cellular function and repair. They also regulate mineral transport and mitochondrial energy production, among other things.

Personalized Bioidentical Hormones Programs

We will never recommend taking a hormone that is not low or missing. Even if a hormone is still technically within the normal reference range, the level may not be optimal for you. Hormone replacement is not a “one size fits all” treatment – every person is different in the doses that they will need to feel right. What we want is optimal levels. Ideally, all of us would have had our hormone levels checked when we were in our early 20’s, so that we would have a baseline of what is probably optimal for us individually. But that information is rarely available. Your hormone levels will be assessed at your current baseline, and then a starting dose will be prescribed. The best indicator of whether or not the dose is correct is how you feel on it. The patient and doctor will need to work together to figure out the optimal levels for every person. The follow-up labs are not the best indicator of whether or not the dose is optimal for you. Doses will always be given to maintain physiologic levels in your body. Too much of a hormone is bad for you, just as too little is also.

Bay Area Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Lynne Mielke, M.D. and her staff at Optimal Health Spectrums in Pleasanton, CA, will only recommend Bioidentical Hormones – the ones that nature intended to be in our bodies. We will try to mimic the natural timing of hormones as well, and will track every patient’s levels and symptoms. The amount of hormones that we need may change depending on how much stress we are under, or if we become sick or injured. Some call the balancing of all of the major and minor hormones a “symphony” – the perfect balance between all the instruments in your body to make beautiful “music” – feeling good.

Patients who do BHRT often feel that their appearance is improved, it is easier to lose weight, their mood is better, they sleep better, have decreased PMS, and regain lost sex drive, among other things. Overall, each patient must weigh the pros and cons of BHRT, and make an informed decision that is right for them.

To begin your journey to optimal health, call Bay Area Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Lynne Mielke, M.D., with Optimal Health Spectrums in Pleasanton, CA to schedule a consultation today!